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2021 Continuing Education for Utah Contractors

Utah Contractors are required to complete their continuing education (CE) by November 30, 2021.

The Utah Department of Licensing (DOPL) requires a minimum of 6 hours to contractor education to renew your contractors license every 2 years. For the 2021 renewal, Utah is requiring one hour of “Energy Conservation” to be completed. This will count as one of your 6 hours. Visit our CE requirements page for more details.

*S330, S410 & S350 Classes NOW AVAILABLE!*

Call our office if you have any of these classifications – 801-274-3551

S330 Landscape and Recreation Contractors and S410 Boiler, Pipeline, Waste Water, and Water Conditioner contractor classification includes installation of a backflow prevention device provided that the contractor completes at least 2 hours (of their 6 hours of CE) related to backflow preventer installation every renewal cycle.

S350 HVAC Contractors must take 3 hours (of their 6 hours of CE) which is directly related to the installation, repair, or replacement of a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system. These three hours may be either Core or Professional hours.

*As of 2017 DOPL only allows 3 hours to be taken online.  All of our online classes are led by a live instructor and count as live hours. 

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Learn more about continuing education in Utah and the DOPL  requirements to renew your contractor’s license.

If you hold an HVAC License, there are new regulations in place for you. Click here to learn more.

If you have questions and need to learn more about DOPL license renewal, contractor education, or completing your required CE online call one of our advisors today at:  801-274-3551.

Missing hours for 2019 CE? We can help!

It’s not too late to re-activate an expired license. For assistance please contact us by phone at: 801-274-3551.


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